DEVONtechnologies | DEVONthink 3.0 Public Beta

Devontechnologies Signet.pngIf you have followed this site with any regularity, you will be aware it has been idle for a while. There are reasons, of course. It hasn’t been completely abandoned, but it became unsustainable to run it as it was. So it will be a little quiet while I look at changing things. The idea is to open it up. Whatever happens, there will be no hedging.

In the meantime, in case you missed it. DEVONthink has had its first major upgrade in a gazillion years. The public beta has been available for a little over a week. If you were ever on the fence due to the interface, those fears should be allayed. The new version has all the old power underneath, with all the modern polish of a slick native app. It still has some rough edges, and it remains as niche as ever. Still, if you have a lot of data to manage, and need advanced search functionality, there is nothing like DEVONthink for Mac users.

You can download the public beta for free and check it out for yourself from the Devon Technologies site