Focus Sounds: Instrumental Music for Focus

Read enough of my posts and you might start to pick up on the little jokes I make here and there about attention madness. Music is always helpful, but finding the right music can be part of the problem if you’re not careful. This is one area I get value from Apple Music. Between curated playlists,  and curious browsing I have discovered, and rediscovered some of my favourite music for concentrating. With that in mind, this is the first of what I hope will be regular posts recommending Artists, albums and playlists of instrumental music for focus, and concentration.

Instrumental Music for Focus

Instrumental Music For Focus
Nils Frahm and F.S Blumm’s neo classical minimalism is perfect concentration music.

This week’s album is Tag Eins Tag Zwei By F.S. Blumm, Nils Frahm, a collaboration between two brilliant instrumentalists. Nils Frahm is one of my favourite contemporary composers, and F. S. Blumm is the pseudonym of german artist Frank Schültge, a musician worth exploring in his own right. This is a collectors item on vinyl, with only 450 copies ever pressed. The album is a kind of minimalist conversation between Frahm’s singular piano style, and subtle responsive guitar from F.S Blumm.  It almost does it a disservice to consider this background music, at the same time it has the kind of cadence and space I find perfect for writing. You will know immediately if it’s for you.

You can pick it up on Apple MusicSpotify, or Amazon. Or head over the Sonic Peices Bandcamp page if you want to buy it outright, or explore more of their music.


A Brief Note On Apple Music vs Spotify

Initially, it was touch and whether I would hang on to Apple Music after the initial 3 month trial. However, the 50% student discount was enough to persuade me, and it also means I can hang on to years of meticulously maintained iTunes Match data. It is fair the say the service has improved significantly. That said, I also have access to Spotify via my mobile carrier, and in my experience it still has a superior discovery algorithm.  The distinction I would make between the two services is this. If you want  curated discovery, and you have mainly Apple devices,  then use Apple Music. If you want more automated discovery, and you want to connect your music beyond the Apple sandbox, go with Spotify. Either way, if you’re a student you get a discount on both.

Happy reading and writing.