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The Appademic has no interest in your personal data, I do everything I can to avoid tracking.  I run private analytics, have nothing from Google or any social networks, and I have a plugin setup specifically to stop tracking from other plugins installed here.

For more detailed information, read on:


Update 05-01-2020:   Matomo has been throwing errors, so I have re-enabled Jetpack stats for testing. Details on what data is collected by jetpack can be found here . I have set it to honour DNT, and concurrent stats will be deleted once I have finished troubleshooting Matamo  

Unfortunately, trying to make a website sustainable requires some form of analytics. However, it doesn’t require indiscriminate tracking.  This site has never used Google Analytics, and never will.  Instead, a locally hosted analytics tool called Matomo is installed. Matomo’s point of difference is the privacy tools that allow analytic data to be anonymised.

Matamo interprets information relied on by websites to operate. This is information that your browser sends by default. It includes things like screen resolution, browser, operating system, and referral information. The purpose of this information is to ensure this site is working properly, and to periodically improve it. It comes loaded out of the box with a set of privacy features, but

The Appademic has implemented the following Matomo privacy features:

  • Visitor IP addressed are automatically anonymised
  • Aggregated data is regularly purged
  • Anonymised IP addresses protect visitors from providing geolocation
  • DoNotTrack preferences are respected. If you set you browser to send DoNotTrack requests, no analytic data will be recorded.
  • The Appademic does not set any cookies, unless you explicitly ask it to set one for you to opt-out. See below

If you wish to opt-out of Matamo analytics, it might seem ironic but the only way to do so is to set a cookie. You can do that here:



If you subscribe to RSS or Atom Feeds, statistics are gathered by feed requests, and not by tracking images. No IP information is gathered via feeds.

Data Retention

Analytic data is aggregated, and anonymised.  It is regularly purged from the server. The Appademic has no need for assigning user IDs, so absolutely no personally identifiable data is collected, or retained.


This site, and the server it runs on have a robust set of security features that protect it from assholes. Sadly, there are a lot of those, so there is no way I can guarantee that nobody will ever hack it, but I work hard to make that as unlikely as possible.

Content from other websites

The links shared on this site are subject to necessary scrutiny. However, once you follow a link away from the terms and conditions, and privacy policy of that third party applies. Other websites may collect data about you, use cookies, embed additional third-party tracking, and so on.

Affiliate Links

As above, the interent kind of sucks. I don’t run ads here, and I get about 3 people a year buy me a coffee, so keeping this site alive can be tough. This means occasionaly there are affiliate links on this site. However,  such links are intended for tracking referral traffic only.  Transactional data on third party sites is subject to the privacy policy of those sites. There are really only a couple things that qualify nowadays. A more detailed disclosure on can be found here.

Note, I don’t belong to the Amazon program. I have no interest in promoting a business that treats its workers like slaves. I do my best to make sure the few things I do recommned are not provided by scumbags. I’m aware of the irony of this essentially being an Apple adjacent tech site. Nonetheless, should you find any links on the site that paint me as an agregious hypocrite, please send it to me so I can punch myself in the face.

Mailing List

The mailing list was disabled and all the email addresses deleted.


If you have any concerns about privacy, or otherwise, please feel free to email me via the link in the side bar. If you wish to encrypt the mail, here is my public key. You can also contact me securely on Keybase