How to Support The Appademic

Buy Me a Coffee

The Appademic is run out of pocket. Where possible supported by the kindness of readers. If you find the site useful, and would like to see it stick around, even the smallest donation can help. One way you can put a small amount towards the site is to use the ‘buy me a coffee’  link over in the side bar to your left. I have set that page up as a bit of an experiment, to see how it goes.

Make a Donation via Paypal

If you would like to make a more direct donation, you can do so via Paypal. No matter what the amount, every little bit helps keep this thing going, and nothing goes unappreciated.

Sharing is Support

One the best ways to support the site at the moment is to simply share any post that you like and/or find useful. Getting a new site of the ground takes an inordinate amount of effort, time, and plain hard work. It might not seem like much, but sharing links is one of the most important things you can do for a site like this. Sharing links to posts on social media helps spread the word, and helps the site appear more easily in search results.


Keeping the lights on requires the site to work towards breaking even over time. For that reason the site uses affiliate links where appropriate, generally all links to iTunes content are affiliated. The Disclaimer page covers this in more detail. Following the links if you intend to purchase something I have written about here is a way of contributing to the site.


And, for the record, whether you can or even want to support the site or not, thanks for stopping by, I hope you find something you like.