DEVONthink Back to School Promotion – 40% Discount

It took me some time to get to understand why DEVONthink is so universally admired in the Mac community – especially by researchers. I resisted for numerous reasons, but some were just superficial and stupid. For instance, I didn’t like the user interface at all. Late last year, Despite backtracking, my feeling was that Evernote had transgressed too far beyond the privacy barrier to keep using that service, so I needed a serious solution for getting a daunting amount of data out of it. Not only could DEVONthink Pro handle the transfer of data locally, without a hint of hassle, it is superior in every conceivable way. DEVONthink Pro can do everything that a premium Evernote subscription can do, and more. Better still, you can buy DEVONthink outright for the same price as a year’s subscription of the Evernote, and that’s before you factor in the 40% back to school discount they have on offer at the moment.

This post is intended as nothing more than a head up on the current sale, to do the software justice I will need to write a great deal more – which is exactly what I intend to do. For now, I will weigh in briefly on a question that I grappled with in getting started with DEVONthink, by which I mean how to choose between the Pro version and the Office version. There are only two significant additions to the full office version, the first is in-built OCR, and the second is much deeper Mail integration. My feeling is that most people are scanning documents with mobile apps that can handle OCR, like Scanner Pro for example. DEVONthink’s OCR will be a little more accurate, but there is a value proposition to weigh up there. On the Mail front, arching all of your mail in DEVONthink is not something that most people will want to do, unless you need more powerful search capabilities for your correspondence. In short, DEVONthink Pro is powerful enough to meet the needs of most people, unless you are literally running an office I would suggest starting there. You can always upgrade later if you feel you need the extra features.

The Back to school promotion runs until 15th of September.