Week Links for 2nd October, 2017

Talk about rough timing. Just as I got the migration finished, my domain registrar Hover.com fell over. If you want a taste of just how fraught it can be to be at the behest of however many thousand website administrators, have a look at goosie at the Hover Status twitter feed for last Friday. My thanks if you were hit with any frustrations but have returned anyway.

Having dealt with that particular stomach ache, I’m now working on getting back to the whole content thing. With that in mind, I’m going to try concentrating some of this share posting with my own version of the weekly link post.

Write Once, Never Write Again  – You may remember Nikita Voloboev from the Learn Anything mind map I posted a while back. This is a nice demonstration of text expansion, using Typinator. My tool of choice remains TextExpander, but Typinator is a solid alternative, with some unique and powerful features of its own.

How to Make iPhone Camera Shoot JPEG Pictures in iOS 11 | OSXDaily – This will no doubt be relevant information for education user. Whether it be for presentations or projects, the more ubiquitous file format is going to be necessary for some time yet.

Troubleshooting iOS 11 Problems – And while I’m at it, if you haven’t yet managed to break clear of the grates on iOS 11, something here may help.

iOS thoroughly reviewed – Mac nerds may remember the epic reviews of OS X that John Siracusa used to write for Ars Technica. The site provides a similarly in depth review of Apple’s mobile platform, it might be a little more austere than the Macstories ‘review’ — and it certainly doesn’t get the same fanfare. If you have the time to read either of them in their entirety, maybe your book collection requires some attention.

Face ID: Why you shouldn’t be worried about iPhone X unlock | iMore – For anyone interested in the finer points of Face ID. To be honest, I’m pretty wary of iMore most of the time, it can be more of an uber consumer site more often than not. Credit is still due to Rene Richie who has a knack for addressing general misgivings through the finer technical details. Still, the highlight for me is a touch of social commentary:

That a significant segment of humanity is more concerned about illegal search and seizure by law enforcement agencies than the criminals they’re meant to protect us from should embarrass and appall governments around the world, but that’s a different editorial for a different day.

A Touch of Irony – This is interesting. Despite the use of so-called differential privacy, this is clearly a catch-22. Apple’s development of privacy focused features in Safari to guard against data collection and tracking relies on, you guessed it, data collection and tracking.

Benchmarking the new Chips –  The power in these things is bordering on ridiculous now. There is a kind of stockpiling going on to future proof the push into AR and whatever demands might be paced upon more ambient computing by devices that connect to the phone — I’m thinking AirPods and whatever else is next. 1

nvALT Still Hanging In – I’m sure Bitwriter will materialise eventually. In the meantime, we still have nVALT, and it is still getting the necessary maintenance updates to ensure it ticks over in the latest versions of macOS.

Musk’s Mars moment: Audacity, madness, brilliance—or maybe all three –  If you are so inclined. My better angels tell me this is all madness, but the little kid in me can’t look away. If this actually happens in my lifetime, that would be something. There’s plenty more around on this.



  1. If you actually willing to walk around with those miniature gumboots in your ears